Januson PG is one of the demanding and the best PG in Ahmedabad near Nirma UniversityHere, it’s not just accommodation for students, in facts, we keep the students with the same stream in the same flat. By that, they create a better atmosphere and feels like a home. Being on the same stream they all can study together, and rejoice the fun activities concurrently. Additionally, We have multiple reasons to choose the Januson PG.

Group study: Group study is one of the important things during exams and all students know the value of it because with the help of group study students can make sure about their studies and they can achieve what they want to achieve in exams. All students need to revise their syllabus and we are allowing group study because we know the value of it.

Healthy food: Food is one of the important things for anyone of us. Without food, we can’t survive and especially students they need healthy food always. We are here to take care of students’ food we provide them healthy food so they don’t need to worry about the health of them.

 Caretaker: care takes is one of the important people who always taking care of students and the place. We would like to tell you in PG 24 into 7 days hours caretaker will be available so students no need to worry about anything.

Light food: when some students are not well because of weather or any other reason that becomes an issue for them because no one takes care and give them light food but Januson PG is always there for always and whenever the students not feeling well so we will give those light food so they can easily get fit and achieve their goals.

 Security: security is always a major focus reason for everyone and we want to make sure everyone that we have Mygate App for the security of all students because of nothing more important than the safety of students.



We can say that PG is best in accordance with safety, security and to get a home-like environment also all the luxury services at reasonable rates.

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